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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lazy Blogging: Girl Group Beauty

A video posted by Shannon Ray (Gloss And Dirt) (@glossanddirt) on

I have a thing for girl groups, as evidenced by my atrocious karaoke-ing session. RIP your ears.

Recover your sensibilities by reading this slideshow I wrote for Allure on the most amazing moment in musical girl group beauty. Check it here, if you wish, Buttercup.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lazy Blogging: The 17 Craziest Makeovers From America's Next Top Model

Let me be clear: I FRIGGING LOVE AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. It is one of the few reality shows that is completely unashamed to heap piles and piles of cheese all up on your face without any apology. It's twenty-second season premiered last, leaving my heart all aflutter.

Unfortunately, I will have to wait a few weeks for my very favorite part of ANTM to happen -- the makeovers. I live for that mess. And you can bet there will be at least one look that is straight kooky madness with highlights and weave on top, as per usual.

To prepare our collective hearts, I wrote a slideshow over at Allure to commemorate the most bizarre makeovers Tyra has ever bestowed upon her reality models. If you're into this, go check out "The 17 Craziest Makeovers From America's Next Top Model" here.

 P.S. I want to be Miss J like whoa. Please wish upon a star on my behalf.

World's best everything.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lazy Blogging: Read Something I've Already Written (90210 Edition)

As evidenced by my Brenda Walsh t-shirt in this picture (and my 9485398525943 previous mentions), I am a big fan of Beverly Hills, 90210. So, when I got the chance to write a 90210-themed beauty slideshow for Allure, I was like:

If you are firmly on Team Brenda, like it's a '92/'07 hybrid year, you can go check out "The Best Throwback Looks from Beverly Hills, 90210" here. If you're Team Kelly, my condolences. Please don't get shot with a stray gang bullet and get amnesia.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Beauty Products I'll Buy Until I Die

For my Allure Insider video this month, I decided to share the beauty products that I won't stop buying. You'll probably recognize a lot of them, but there might be some cats in there that I haven't spouted off about.

Some people on the ol' YouTubes noted that the Allure Insiders logo was covering the number of the amount of times I've purchased each item, so I transcribed it below, if you find yourself curious.

Neutrogena Cleanser: 4
Elta MD Sunscreen: 3
Latisse: 10-ish
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: 50+
Jergens Foam: 100+ (probably)
St. Tropez: 10-ish
Batiste Dry Shampoo: 3
L’Oreal Mythic Oil Conditioner: 2
EuroNext Extensions: Unknown
MAC Studio Fix: 15 or so
Amazing Cosmetics Concealer: Probably 5
UD Primer Potion: 6-8
Maybelline Brow Pencils: Pshh, 30?
Model in a Bottle: At least 5

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's Time For Another Chance To Win The Allure Sample Society Box

If you're in the mood to get some free ish, watch this video for your chance to win an April Allure Sample Society box. Then, click back over to the OG video and leave a comment. If you've got your lucky winning pants on, maybe you can cop one of these babies!

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lazy Blogging: Read Something I Already Wrote

pic via allure
In the last few minutes of your holiday weekend, take a couple seconds to check out this post that I wrote for Allure, called "The Best Holiday-Movie Beauty Looks," about, well, the best holiday movie beauty looks. 

I was watching Love, Actually on Christmas and still couldn't get over the level of gorgeousness that Keira Knightley possesses. Life just isn't fair. Happy New Year.

See who else I included on the list here.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lazy Blogging: Read Something I Already Wrote

pic via allure
First off, this image makes my brain feel crazy because my eyeballs assume that it's a Magic Eye print, and force me to start searching for a Statue of Liberty, or something. Secondly, I wrote a fun slideshow for Allure this month, that gives beauty meanings to basic emojis. Because why not?

If you want to check it, do so here. If not, make up your own meanings. Or try to find Lady Liberty in the picture above. It's your brain, use it how you please.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Want To Win The September Allure Sample Society Box?

Allure sent me their September Sample Society box to root through and see what it's all about, and I made this little baby haul video to share the info. There are lots of fun thingy-dos in this puppy. I'm actually pretty, pretty excited about it. If you want to see what's in the box (heh), watch away.

If you want more info on Allure Sample Society, you can check it out here. And if you want to win one of these babies for yourself, click here and see info on how to win one in the description box. Treat yo' self!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lazy Blogging: Read Something That I Already Wrote

pic via allure
After getting nostalgic for the teen flicks of yesteryear (they don't make that shit like they used to, et al), I wrote a fun little ditty for Allure this month featuring some of my all-time favorite teen movie queens and their flawless beauty looks.

If you want to see the homies I chose, you can check it out here. If not, I still love you.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lazy Blogging: Read Something That I Already Wrote

This month for Allure I covered one of the best things about these turrible Summertimes: movies. I reached way back into my horrible brain and pulled out all of the very best beauty looks from Summer blockbuster movies, with the aptly titled, "The 14 Hottest Beauty Looks From Summer Blockbuster Movies."

I used Grease for the jump off, because no doy. Check out the rest of the list here.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Allure Insiders Get The Look: Mariah Carey "Honey" Tutorial

MY FIRST ALLURE INSIDERS VIDEO IS OUT, YOU GUYS. This one is near and dear to my heart because it's all about Mariah Carey. But not now-times Mariah, I'm all about MC in the "Honey" video. It's one of my favorites because it combines so many incredible things: Kangol hats, jet skis, zip-up swimwear and clip-on ponytails. So, check it out and see what you think.

I'll be coming out with a new video every other Tuesday, so I'll post them here if you feel like perusing the goodies.

P.S. I've been out of town for the past several days, so I'll get back to the reg when I get back into town tomorrow night. Sorry for being a crap-ster, part 23984039284.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Allure Insiders: Details On My Latest Allure Magazine Collabo

Just in case you don't happen to follow me on the likes of my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (WHY THE HELL NOT, BY THE BY), you may have missed my announcement about my latest project that I'm doing with Allure. It's called Allure Insiders, and it's pretty much me and nine other homies that are way cooler and more talented than me, each creating two videos per month covering a ton of beauty goodness for Allure's new video channel.

This is my bio video, but you probably don't even need to watch it because you ALREADY KNOW THIS, MAN. My real, real videos will start next week, then come out every other week. I'll be covering two different categories: Get the Look, which are celebirty/pop culture-based tutorials, and Outrageous Beauty, where I try out different strange or extreme beauty treatments.

Nothing's changed, I'll still be here doing my thang-a-lang on the regular. But now I can just be upfront and be all, "I've got a lot of video editing to do this week. I'm not THAT lazy," when I get sparse around here. And I'm sure I'll post all of my vids here when they come out, so you can peep that scene, if you feel so inclined. Or don't, it's your life.

In the meantime, some of the other Insiders' videos are up, as well as errrybody's bio vids, so feel free to check out what they've got dropping on either the Allure video channel or the Allure YouTube channel. Okay, that enough info for your brain wrinkles. I'm out.

via realitytvgifs
JK, Tamra and I will see you later tonight. Or tomorrow if ish gets sideways (AKA lazy).

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lazy Blogging: Read Something That I Already Wrote

In my latest piece for Allure I dug into the vintage TV commercial archives and pulled out the best hot ass beauty looks of the past three decades, in "Flashback! The Best Beauty Moments From Childhood TV Commercials." You can check it out here.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lazy Blogging: Read Something That I Already Wrote

this looks disgusting but it was amazing

This month for Allure, I get back to my roots, and talk about glorious food. I'm pairing up your favorite snack with an inspired beauty look. Check it out here.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Lazy Blogging: Read Something That I Already Wrote

One of my favorite things to do on this planet is drankin' wine and watching garbage TV. Because I'm a trash box that will never quite fill up. So I did a little ditty for Allure this week called, "The 9 Most Fabulous Beauty Moments in Reality Show History, Re-Created." I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Check it out here, if you wish, Buttercup.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Lazy Blogging: Read Something That I Already Wrote

via allure's facebook page
This month for Allure, I funneled all of my crazy, weird love for pop stars into a slideshow all about "10 Beauty Looks Inspired From the 10 Times You Wanted to Be a Pop Princess." Go check it out here.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Lazy Blogging: Read Something That I Already Wrote

pic via allure
I've got some new new going with Allure: slideshows! Here's my first one, and it involves boss books from our youth and the bad b*tch beauty looks that they inspire. It's entitled "Beauty Book Club: Inspiration From Your Favorite Childhood Reads," and you can check that sh*t here.

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Get Your Asses In Gear, It's Already That Time -- Allure Beauty Blogger Awards 2014 Has Begun!

you too can creepily take pics of andre leon talley! plus, products for dayzzzzz.
I seriously CANNOT believe that it is already time for the Allure Beauty Blogger Award (version 2014) once again. That means it has been a solid two years since my raggedy ass decided to submit myself, and that is completely mind boggling (bloggering? zing!) to me. Entering, and then winning, this contest has been the actual highlight of my life, and I really can't even tell you enough how all of you mean mugs should enter if you fancy yourself a beauty blogger.

The process to enter is very easy, or you know that my lazy ass wouldn't have even attempted. And if you're all, "I'm not even that great of a blogger. Why bother? Pshhhaw on all of this," I say to you...

Put yourself out there. Give that sh*t a shot. At worst, nothing comes of it. At best, you have THE BEST EFFING EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE. I got to do things that I never could have even dreamed of in 2.3 million years, seriously. Go over to Allure right this second and check out all of the details on the contest this year.

I love you all dearly, and I only want the best for all of your damn lives, so do you and go do this. That's as close to a motivational message that you'll ever get from my old, crotchety ass. Now, get off my lawn!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lazy Blogging: Read Something That I Already Wrote

via allure
This week for Allure, I'll help you "Fake It Till You Make It: How to Create Those Beauty Features You Weren't Born With." Faking sh*t has never looked so good. You can check it here.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lazy Blogging: Read Something That I Already Wrote

via allure
This week for Allure, I take sh*t way, way back with 'Beauty Lessons From My 1980s Childhood Idols', featuring the likes of Billy Idol and Jem/boring ass Jerrica. See what it's all about here.

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