Monday, October 6, 2014

Make Flat Hair Live Life to Its Fullest

My hair is naturally flat, fine (not even foooine) and sad. But at least I have a sparkling personality a lot of lipsticks. Most days I just let my mop air-dry and then style it later, if I find myself doing something that actually warrants having styled hair. Which I rarely do.

But here's the thing about having fine hair that isn't whipped into a frenzy with a hair dryer. It looks like this:

A sad-ass paper sack of bleh. That means I've had to learn how to take that bag o' sad hairs and pump up the volume into something that isn't so "I'm one of those people that wears a t-shirt on Halloween that says 'This IS My Costume', AKA I'm not even trying to try." And this routine isn't even that hard, so it's great for my people (the lazies).

Step One: Root Spray

I first spray the roots of my bangs and through the crown of my head with Sally Hershberger Supreme Lift. I've been using this stuff for years on years on years, and it's my ride-or-die favorite root spray. You're supposed to use it on damp hair, but f the system. I do what I want.

Step Two: Velcro Rollers

Velcro rollers are boss mofos, and if you don't know, now you know. They impart volume like woah, and are an essential part of this flat-to-full process. I put them in right after I spray on the root spray, putting them in at my roots, touching the scalp, and rolling backwards, wrapping the ends around the roller. I don't really care about incorporating the ends of my hair so much, because I'll deal with those crazies later. I secure the roller with one of those little silver hairdresser's clip things, and blast the roots a bit with a hairdryer. Then I leave them in for as long as I can while I do my makeup, ride a tiny Pegasus, pet a bunny, whatever.

Step Three: Make Some Waves

Straight hair is the opposite day version of voluminous hair. So that means after you take out the rollers, you've got to get some bends in those shafts. Hair shafts, you sick brain. How much wave and motion in the ocean you want is totally up to you. Okay, I'll stop with the innuendo. (No, I won't.)

I like for my hair to have a look that says, "I'm the middle-aged fourth Olsen sister that is meandering her way through life and the beds of European sub-royalty," so I wrap my hair around a big ol' fat curling iron and leave my ends out, to give it a messier look. If you like a sleeker, more curled look, feel free to use a smaller-barreled iron and include your ends. If you want a more pageant-y finish, use hot rollers. It's your life. Do you, and shit.

Step Four: Texturize

Now that we've got some shape happening, let's throw a little texture in the bag. I'm not going to harp on my favorite texturizing agents AGAIN, so just feel free to use whatever the hell you want. Just spritz/spray/shake on your product generously until you feel full and fabulous. I should write taglines for buffets.

That's it! We've made our way from limp noodle to at LEAST cooked ramen noodles. Minimum. I'm not at lasagne noodle-levels, but let's be honest, I never will be. Curse you, hair gods! I'm hungry.

Bonus Step: Clip-In Extensions

If you're still feeling blah-haired, there is one final solution: clip-in hair. I use the 14-inch EuroNext Remy extensions from Sally Beauty Supply. If you're looking for amped up volume, clip them in higher on your dome, and if you want length, clip them lower. You can also cut and dye/highlight/whatever them because they're real hair. From a person. Somewhere. I don't really like to think about that.

Okay, that's REALLY the end of this deal. This is as thick and voluminous as I get.

Do you have any tricks to get big-ass hair? Share them with my flimsy strands. I'm down for whatever, as ususal.

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