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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mug Makeover: Teen Witch Edition

There are very few things that are important to me in life. I'm usually a "give zero effs" kind of gal (bleh), but that does not hold true when it comes to one of my favorite movies of all friggin' time -- Teen Witch.

If you can't get down with an 80s movie that involves witchcraft and chicanery for popularity's sake, heavy use of tutus and denim jackets, and delightfully awkward rapping, then I don't have time for your silly nonsense. So when I tell you that I have created a Teen Witch beauty tutorial, your ass should not be surprised.

And without further dramatics, I present to you my most meaningful beauty look that I have ever created. Sadly, it's not the old lady witch that was also in Poltergeist. Maybe next time.

I would recommend using a sturdy-ass, Aqua Net-esque hairspray if you want your hair to stay. I just used texturizing spray because I wasn't trying to be hard-haired and authentically 80s, so, whatever. Choose your own hair adventure.

You can totally use an eyeshadow as a brow powder. Just please, for the love of Yeezus, CHOOSE A DAMN MATTE SHADOW.

Use whatever neutral eyeshadow you've got hanging around for this part. I prefer to do shimmery on the lid and matte on the crease, but do what your heart tells you to. Especially if you're a young buck. Your eyelids still have years sans-crepe, so play on, playa.

If you're oily, go for a gel liner or a long-wear liner, or you WILL look a hot mess in 13.5 minutes.

Use whichever gloss or 'stick you're into, just keep it in the coral or peach tones. I think that that's the theme of the day -- do whatever the hell you want. Kind of.

Okay, all done! My hair's not AS 80s as real Louise's, but you get the vibe. Do you guys love Tee Dubs as much as I do? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about right now?

Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that?!?

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mug Makeover: Gwen Stefani Edition

The other day I was reading this article over at Refinery29, and came across this bomb picture of Gwen Stefani. It was like watching Jonathan Brandis (RIP) in Ladybugs** -- I fell in love all over again. GS is usually looking consistently fly, so it's not like I expected anything different from her ass, but I feel like this makeup look is slightly different from her regular deal and I wanted that shit on my face immediately.

pic via refinery29
I've recreated it below in a few easy steps, so read on, reader, if you want Gwennie's glorious face on your face. (Without getting all Buffalo Bill-y and illegal.)

P.S. I would (almost but not quite) literally kill for that kimono.

I started with the eyes, which are really pretty simple and low key, with a touch of shimmer. (But NOT glitter, the nemesis of soul windows everywhere.) I'm using the Lorac Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in Pro Star, which I can't friggin' find anywhere, but this Superstar palette ($27) is super-similar.

Start by applying a shimmery brown shadow from the crease to the lash line.

Follow up by using a light bronze-y eyeshadow in the crease and also on the bottom lash line.

Next apply some black liner on the upper lash line only. I'm pretty ride-or-die liquid liner in this situation, but live your life and use whatever eyeliner you like. I used the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen Waterproof Eyeliner ($30) because I LOVE THAT SHIT.

Finish off with a powerful mascara, because Gwen's lashes be bangin' in this face case. I'm using Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara ($6.99), that CVS Beauty Club so kindly sent me to sample, along with the Rimmel lipstick that I use in a hot minute. The mascara is actually pretty boss. It makes my lashes seem as long as a Real Housewives Reunion show, parts one through seven, but 309485% less boring.

For lips, I started by lining with MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in Bright Baby Pink ($19), because it's just what I happened to have lying around. Once again, use what you wish, but definitely use a liner with a bright lip like this to prevent that rude bitch, lipstick feathering.

The last step is to throw on a bright reddish-pink lipstick, like Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in As You Want Victoria ($6.99). I really enjoy the shade of this 'stick, but I had to get used to the moisturizing aspect. I'm usually more of a matte lip kind of mofo, so I had to do some reapplying as the hours ticked by. But the formula feels like a dream, so it's worth the extra seconds of reapply time.

That's it, here's the finished product. I might not look as much like a flawless creamy-skinned elf as Gwen, but I'm completely into this face.

What do you guys think? Are you into Mizz Gwen's look? You don't even know how hard I had to fight against making a "Hella Good" reference here, so tell your brains "you're welcome" for the reprieve from my typical terrible puns.

** I used to carry around a folded-up pictures of Jonathan Brandis in my pocket in Elementary school. I was an avid reader of Tiger Beat, Big Bopper, et al, and I would rip out pictures of JB and carry them until they pretty much deteriorated into ransom-letter-like scraps.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Allure Insiders Get The Look: Orange Is The New Black Makeover Mashup

The subject of this week's Allure Insiders video is one of my favorites (uh, doy). I took three of my favorite characters from my beloved OITNB and created a mashup look from little pieces of all of them. Watch on to see who I chose.

And if you aren't caught up on the show, what the eff are you waiting on? Head over to Netflix and binge-watch the hell of it like any sane person would, then come back over hear and lets talk about it! (I finished this weekend, obviously.)

P.S. If you don't want to "boop" Suzanne, I don't even know you.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Getting All The Details On Benefit's New "They're Real! Push-Up Liner"

Watch the video to get all of the happenings with this new liner, including all the pros and the one tiny con. This lil' baby ain't cheap (it's $24), but it's not like anything I've ever used before.

benefit push-up liner, $24
Here's a close-up of the tip that I talked about in the video. It's RUBBERY. That's the word that I was searching for like a big ol' dummy.

This is a look at the two ways I wore the liner in the video. The Push-Up Liner isn't available until June 27th, but you can sign up to get early access if you want. That's how I bought the good good, because I was all:

What do you guys think? Will you be trying this liner?

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Allure Insiders Get The Look: Mariah Carey "Honey" Tutorial

MY FIRST ALLURE INSIDERS VIDEO IS OUT, YOU GUYS. This one is near and dear to my heart because it's all about Mariah Carey. But not now-times Mariah, I'm all about MC in the "Honey" video. It's one of my favorites because it combines so many incredible things: Kangol hats, jet skis, zip-up swimwear and clip-on ponytails. So, check it out and see what you think.

I'll be coming out with a new video every other Tuesday, so I'll post them here if you feel like perusing the goodies.

P.S. I've been out of town for the past several days, so I'll get back to the reg when I get back into town tomorrow night. Sorry for being a crap-ster, part 23984039284.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Build-A-Brow Workshop: For Next Level Eyebrows

Hey, have we met? If so, I'm sure you've heard the good word: I'm completely friggin' eyebrow obsessed. Eyebrows are the reason that I started this blog. Eyebrows are the reason that I get out of bed some days. I don't leave the house sans brows of some sort, ever. I pity the fool that has to see my sad sack face without them.

This annoying ass character flaw is a complete detriment to my psyche, but it is somewhat beneficial. Because of my whack, over-the-top eyebrow compulsion, I have tried tons of brow products and techniques and whittled them down to a refined non-art. Whether you prefer your brows to be fresh-to-death natural or bold and slapping mofo's eyeballs out, I've got you covered. Soup to nuts. (WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?)

The Natural

If this is your brow style, you are probably fresh-faced and low maintenance. I wish I was you. Even if you're one of those "I don't really wear that much on muh face" ladies, your eyebrows need a little love 'n' such. Brow gels are right up your au nautrale alley, honey.

I really love Anastasia's Brow Gel, but I've used everything from CoverGirl clear mascara to spraying hairspray on a clean mascara wand. It's your damn life, live it how you choose. The real key here is how you apply whatever you're using. You want to brush your eyebrows up first, then over toward the end of your brow. THAT'S IT, MAYNE.

This will give you just enough natural polish to your brow game, without any color or fuss. Play on, natural playa.

The Lazy Bold Bitch

This next tier of brows is my everyday shit. It gives me plenty of boldness and hold, all in one little baby boo faced product, which is really in tune with my lazy sensibilities. This is for you if you want bangin' brows, but don't feel like completing 49850238409 steps to attain them.

This brow look is all about the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, which is apparently sold out everywhere, but cop it when it comes back. It's magic. It's easy to go overboard (like my favorite Goldie Hawn movie) with this stuff, so there's a method to perfection.

Instead of starting to outline your eyebrows at the start of the brows, begin at the inner bottom of the arch and follow all the way to the tail. Do the same at the top line of the brows, starting a little ways back, then fill in the whole tail end of the brows. Think of it almost like your eyebrows are an ombre dye job. Keep the darker stuff at the ends and use a lighter hand at the front. So with that in mind, fill in the front eyebrow area with just what's left on your brush after you've done the rest, to keep it natural, natch.

The Veruca Salt 

If you want to use every brow product that has ever been created in a lab and also have peeps dogging you on the street for your eyebrow secrets, like you're in some brow-centric music video, this is bud's for you. The VS brow is my "I'm trying" eyebrow go-to because, well, it takes actual effort, which is a lot for me.

To start this whirlwind, line your eyebrow starting at the very inner point closest to your nose, using a light-colored pencil, and outline the bottom line of your brow. Repeat the same deal on the top, again starting at the very inner top point. Now fill in the back tail of the brow with a darker shadow or brow powder. Next, shade in the front area with a lighter powder, which will smudge and disguise the lines you've drawn, and avoid eyebrows that could slice a b. Finish up with brow gel.

Voila, the boldest brow on the street. Veruca Salt would shove her red drop waist dress in a paper shredder to get next to your eyebrows, just so she could get them now.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

What's The Haps, Naked3 Palette? Plus, A Head-To-Head Smackdown Between Naked3 And the Original Naked Palette.

I finally stopped being lazy for 3.5 seconds, put my grown lady panties on, and made a video about Urban Decay's Naked3 palette. Give it a watch to see what gets me all hot and bothered (gross) about it, as well as how it stacks up against the original Naked. Now, LET'S GET NAKEY (X 3)!

By the way, here's a closer look at N3, if you're so inclined to see that sh*t up close and personal like:

You can pick up Naked3 here, or if original Naked is more your cup o' tea, check it here.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Get Yo' Fiery Eyes On With This "Catching Fire" Inspired Makeup Tutorial

If you feel like getting them eyeballs to "Catch Fire," watch the Hunger Games-inspired tutorial below.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trash Box Nail Tutorials: Glitter Sand Art Edition

Did you guys ever have on of these sand/glitter deals as a kid?

You would flip it over, and then the sand/glitter mixture would move around and make another boring formation. It was one of those things that was half cool to look at and half thing that your parents bought to shut you up.

Well, today's nail idea is based on these boringly badass art memorabilia.

SOMEWHAT similar, right? Oh, who the eff knows. I literally made this sh*t up five minutes ago. If you happen to want to try this quasi-nail art look yourself, here's what you'll need.

Three glittery nail polishes. I chose Dimepiece and Stun from Floss Gloss, because I effing love the kids, and Follow Me on Glitter from Nicole by OPI from the Kardashian Kollection because I really, really hate myself. Let us never speak of me buying anything Kardashian-related ever again, mmmmkay?

Here's what you do:

Step One -- Paint on the first color about halfway up your nail.

Step Two -- (There's so much we can do. P.S. If you don't click on that link and watch it in its entirety, I hate you.) Paint the second color slightly overlapping the first, and almost to the tip of your nail.

Step Three -- Take the third color, overlap a little with color two, and to the end of the nail.

Step Four -- Take color number one and blur the edges between the first two colors, so it's not a straight, blah ass border between. DONE!

The best way to get an opaque glitter look with one shot with this sh*t is to lay the brush flat on your nail and glob it on. This is a textured look, so you don't want it to be perfect. Go ahead, eff it up a little.

Easiest. Nail. (Kinda) art. EVA.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Almost Time for The Great Gatsby, So Get Daisy Buchanan-esqued All Up on Your Grill.

I friggin' love The Great Gatsby, you guys. After I saw the initial trailer in December, I was thisclose to cutting my hair into a blonde pageboy. Sh*t is hot. But instead, I made a makeup tutorial so you can get Daisy Buchanan's face on yo' face.

I used products sent to me from the peeps at Beauty Store Depot, which you can find here: gloMinerals Alloy Eye Collection and gloMinerals Precise Micro Eyeliner in Black.

This is the gorgeous-ass picture I  used as an inspiration for the tutorial. DOES THIS NOT MAKE YOU EXCITED, PEOPLE?!? And because you might be a crazy person that hasn't seen The Great Gatsby Trailer, here it is. You are welcome.

Now, we party -- Gatsby style.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yo! Let Me Solve Your Problems.

Remember when I asked you guys for your beauty problems? Well, it wasn't because I'm a nosy ass b. I'm solving your issues, in a new segment I'm calling "Problem Solvers!" Watch and see hilarity not ensue.

And keep telling me all of your problems!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

If You Don't Send Me Hate Mail Over This Halloween Video, I Don't Even Know You Anymore.

This is the bottom of the trash heap, people. Enjoy my downward spiral.

Happy Halloween, b faces!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Lana del Rey Makeup Tutorial

I have been straight up obsessed with Lana lately. I don't know WTF my deal is, so I did a little LDR tutorial. Oh, and Lana, we all know that your lips aren't "bee stung." Quit playing, boo.

And then watch Lana's new (controversial) video for Ride. I can't quit this b.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Back 2 Basics: Super Easy Eye Makeup Tutorial!

For those of you just starting out, or aren't really an expert on yo' makeup game...This one's for you!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Put This On Yo' Face: Mila Kunis Everyday Smokey Eye Tutorial

Here's Mila Kunis lookin' all sexy and ish. And here's a tutorial based on that bangin' face of hers:

And here are the swatches of those bangin' Make Up Forever Aqua Shadows:

Yeah, you are welcome.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Look 72% More Sexual in Like Two Minutes

Here's my normal, blah face, you guys:

 Oh, hey there, vanilla face. Sometimes you just feel a little "meh" about yourself, you know? I have a beauty pick me up that only takes a couple of minutes, and will totally SEX YOU UP. Like this:

P.S. How INSANE are homeboy's eyebrows? And is that other dude Kenny G? And whatever "making love until we drown" is sounds disgusting. And if I open a pottery painting place and call it Color Me Badd, do you think these b's will sue my ass? And if I ever smoke, it will exclusively be pink cigarettes. Okay, I'm done.

Anyway, here are the two things that will add instant sexy to a blah day: A red lip and liquid liner cat eye. Here I am, but it will be better on you. I'm only .098320482% sexier, but it's the best I get.

Now, don't freak if you don't know how to do the cat eye. Here's my tutorial from a while back. Now let's all get sexy faced, you little w's!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Barely Still Timely Videos: Evil Queen Makeup Tutorial

Seriously, don't watch this. It's not good. But if you insist, it's a tutorial to get the look from Snow White and the Huntsman's evil Queen character as played by Charlize Theron. (Except obvs not as good. I'm not a unicorn.)

Here's the inspiration, bee-tee-dubs:

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get The Most Out of Your Lashes, and Not Look (That) Insane

Who doesn't want long, luscious lashes straight out of a Bambi cartoon? I know I do. That ish is hot. Flower's eyelashes were the business. Who knew it was possible to be jealous of an (animal) cartoon? Don't get all crazy and b-faced about it. I've got some tips to make Flower look like ish. (Now that's just mean.)

1. Try Latisse! 

Seriously, don't be scared of this mess. I've been using Latisse for almost two years, and I'm totally into this ish. You use it initially every night for like four months or so, and then go onto the maintenance phase, where you use it a few nights a week to keep your results.

 It's prescription, so you have to get it from a doctor, or at least a medical spa. That's kind of a pain in the ass, but you can usually find decent deals on Latisse. It retails for $120, but lots of docs/spas have BOGO on it or other good discounts.

Tip: Put a drop in the cap of the bottle and dip the brush in the cap to apply. It makes it last longer, trust. I've been on the same bottle for like six months. This isn't what the directions that come with the bottle says to do, so if you eyeball falls out or something, don't sue me. I'm not a doctor, I'm dumb.

2. Line your waterlines.

Sephora Cream Liner, $10
NOTHING makes sparse lashes look more bountiful than lining your waterlines. You are probably saying, "DUBS TEE EFF is a damn waterline???" It's the inner line of your eyelid right past your eyelash line, before your actual ball. Gots it? Line those b's with a cream or gel black eyeliner, using a very thin, angled brush. I promise your lashes will look better. That ish cray!

Tip: Don't wear a ton of eyeshadow if you want your eyelashes to look longer. The more shadow you pile on, the less focus will be on the lashes.

3. Wear two different mascaras.
My down ass b mascara.
I know that this sounds weird, but just try it. If you layer two different mascaras together, lashes look more voluminous. What the what??? I like to use L'Oreal Voluminous mascara first, wait a minute, then follow with a more "lengthening" type of mascara. I like Cover Girl Lash Perfection currently for the second mascara.

Tip: Use a mascara with a plastic brush for the second mascara. It gets all of the nasty clumps out, and takes away the Tammy Faye (RIP, homegirl) spider lash look.

4. Wear falsies.
Cheap and not insane looking.
No, not in your bra. (But those are cool, too.) Fake eyelashes are the ultimate step in amping up your lashes, obvs. And they really aren't THAT hard to apply. It takes a little practice and good glue (I recommend DUO Adhesive that MAC sells.) I'll make a video on how I apply falsies soon, not that I'm a freakin' expert or anything.

Tips: Let the lash glue dry for a couple minutes before you put the falsies on. They will stay on MUCH better than if you just throw those b's on willy nilly. Truth. Also, be conservative when you pick your fakes. Don't get the biggest, craziest pair on the rack. Pretend like Jane Austen is shopping for eyelashes at CVS with you. (What does that even mean?!? WWMDT -- What Would Mr. Darcy Think?)

If you follow all of these tips, your lashes will be more on point than this:

You're welcome. (That b!)

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