Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cheap Crap I Love: Waterproof (ish) Eyeliner

I love eyeliner. The blacker the better, and that mess better stay on like a boss. I don't want that greasy, smudgy crap. And don't be all, "But I can't wash it ALLLLL the way off at night...." Who gives an eff? What are you in a nightly sleeping beauty pageant? Get on it. And guess what? I have a hands-down favorite that costs less than $5. And comes in blackest black. So, yeah, it's pretty much my bitch. Ready for the big reveal?

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True Blood Musings: Freaking Finally Edition

Okay, I'm a shitty person. I'm doing a TB update on the day the next epi airs. I suck. Blah blah. Listen, this bitch didn't have cable or internet for a hot minute. I need to catch up in a bad way.

Even Pam's rotting face is disgusted by me. Let's do this ish.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

True Blood Musings: Alcide and Eric, and No Clothes!

 Um hmmmm, oh-kay??? Let's talk b's.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tricky Beauty: Waterline Eyeliner

You are probably thinking, so just W in TF is a waterline? It's that little, moist (bleh) strip of skin on your inner bottom eyelid. You following? If you have ever attempted to apply eyeliner to this area, you know it is a major bitch. It won't stay for crap...Or will it? I have an eyeliner that I cannot live without, that I use solely to line my watermark. Let's share!

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Listen, Biebs. I Think YOU Have Bieber Fever.

This ish is getting ridiculous. Who is Justin Bieber's stylist? Me circa 1997? And listen, honey, I love lesbians. But you are seriously toeing the line into Lesbionic town here. You are wearing onyx stud earrings and a sweater I SWEAR I bought on clearance from Contempo Casual in 10th grade. No mf-ing cute. (Unless it is, in fact, 1997.) Pin It

Sunday, July 10, 2011

True Blood Musings: Zexxxy Times

 It's that time again, Trubies! (As you can see by Eric's blank "Snooki" stare.)

Let us discuss...

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Accessorizing for Lazies: Summer Scarf Edition

Summer = Lazy for me. (As does Fall, Winter, Spring...) But you can easily accessorize a very simple (tank and jeans or jersey dress) outfit by throwing on my favorite accessory. The summer scarf. So what is a summer scarf? It's a thin, almost gauzy scarf that won't make you sweat your a-hole off. Don't throw on the scarf your gammie made you when you were 12 that is a heavy wool blend. Too much. So let's see what's happening with this scarf sitch.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Requested Post: Don't Use Crap Brushes

I think I have been watching too much My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. (Maybe I'll post on that elegance later...) I feel like I have started using their vernacular. Yesterday I said, "It's driving me mad!" Now I just typed "crap brushes." And kept it. Anyway, this is a requested post by my friend, Holly O. Makeup brushes can be confusing, I know. But if you are using any brush that came with something you bought, put that ish down and start reading. And if I find out you are using one of those little sponge tip thingys to put on eyeshadow, you are getting punched.

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