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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jennifer Love Hewitt Sent Matt Damon A Bed, Reached A Solid 8.5 On The Creeper Scale

I haven't been shy about my feelings re: JLH being a super-kook. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovable brand of kook. It's not like homie is hiding in the backseat of gas station patron's cars with a hook on her hand, or anything. (Is that the plot from I Know What You Did Last Summer?) She's not that flavor of kook.

Side note -- can some decision maker-type from VH1 make Flavor of Kook into a Flava Flav franchise? I would 100% watch whatever the shit that show would be about.

Anyway, back to J Love's weird ways. The world's most beautiful creep was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel a couple days ago, and she shared a pretty Creepy McCreepsalot story about sending a bed (bed topper? it's unclear to me, due to my lack of fancy) to a lonely Matt Damon as a creepy salve to his sad heart.

First off, this was over ten years ago, so Matt Damon was in his prime sexy-ass days. Dude was most likely drowning in the women's bathing suit area parts. Like, all of the parts.

He probably didn't have a bed because he broke them all doing sex with people, Love.  I wouldn't worry.

Also, maybe save all of that Party of Five money. Scott Wolf might need an air mattress one day, or something.

Also (part II), please stop sending shit to other famouses that you don't know. It's unusual at best. Matt Damon probably thought the bed thingy was stuffed with a mixture of both of your hair clippings that you stole from his barber's dumpster and mixed together in your basement, like a weirdo hair Heisenberg. It's too much.

P.S. Scott Wolf is still pretty damn hot, in a Michael J. Fox's cousin type of way.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

An Open Letter To Jennifer Love Hewitt: I'm So Sorry, But We Can't Have Blonde Hair.

Hey, J. Love, (Are we still doing that? No?)

I came across the segment of you on Ellen yesterday. I noticed something from jump street that made me feel a little uneasy, but I ignored it. I tried, instead, to focus on how much you've calmed your (literal) tits and how at-ease you now seem in comparison to your former, way over-sharing ways. I like this new you. You seem quite genuine and lovely, so I pushed my bitchy ass thoughts aside.

Then my friend (Hey, V) tagged me in a post about you, with a picture similar to the one above, on Facebook, and I voiced my displeasure about your current hair color haps. Then I tried to move on with my life. I really did. I went to get a coffee. I gave my dog her dog pills. I tried to think of other things to ponder, like how many times we will get to see Eric Northman's ass on this season of True Blood. Or why I can't stop watching Silence of the Lambs, like, nonstop.

BUT I COULDN'T GET THIS SHIT OUT OF MY MF-ING HEAD. Listen, I'm the last person that should judge a person's hair decisions. I make terrible life decisions, especially when it comes to my hair color. I'm that person that dyes their hair with blue-black boxed dye for several years, decides they want to be blonde, gets their hair done every two weeks until it's platinum blonde, then promptly dyes over it with black boxed dye again. I'm the actual worst hair-related-decision-making human.

That's why I feel like I can tell you this. I'm right here with you, sister. We can't be blonde. At least not this blonde. And, unlike you, I was born a blonde. (I watched every damn episode of Kids Incorporated, honey. From Fergie to you. Don't try me.) So it really hurts my nearly-unfeeling heart.

I blocked my friend's face so he won't have to be embarrassed by my hair choices.

LOOK AT US, JLH. WE LOOK LIKE A GD MATCHING SET OF MANILLA ENVELOPES, MAN. I'm not saying this to be a huge c-face (this time). I just wish someone had told me sooner.

I just got my hair done the other day, and when I told my stylist that I wanted to add a little more blonde, he said, "Okay, but you can't have too much near your face. Your skin tone has yellow undertones and your eyes are dark. It won't look right." That's the first time that a professional has told me that. Ever. In all of my precarious hair coloring history. Which is nearing 20 years. And he was right as a mofo.

I'm so sorry that I have to be the one to tell you. I know that it's shitty, but we can't all be blonde. It's like me, you and Jodi Arias. Them's the breaks, kid. Someone had to tell you.

At least you have a great rack, seem extremely sweet, and look absolutely beautiful with your various other hair colors. It gets better.

You have my deepest regrets,


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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jennifer Love Hewitt Had Her Baby, Named It Something Not Really Annoying, And Kept A Secret. (Hold For Applause)

pic via usweekly
I'm pretty f*cking proud of the Hews, man. Not only did she just pop out that baby child (which is apparently a girl type) yesterday, but she also had a SECRET WEDDING (which, let's be honest, are the only fun kind) AND DIDN'T EFFING TALK ABOUT IT.

This might not sound like a big deal for the average human being, but we're talking about Jennifer Love Hewitt, here. Homegirl can't NOT talk everything that happens to her every damn hot second, so this is insanely huge for her. Plus, I haven't heard about the bedazzled status of her lady loins, so I guess we're on an upswing.

JLH also named her kid Autumn James, which is actually not a horrific name. Because let's be honest, these are some terrible baby naming times happening right now on this planet. From the time that I read this article on BuzzFeed a few weeks ago, crazy baby names have been haunting my brain waves, and it's all due to this picture:
While I'm sure you might think that Nayvie is super adorable while your child wears bows on their head that are bigger than Lichtenstein and glitter tutus, Nayvie is not the name of an adult person that's a tort law attorney. Or a bank teller. Or a pharmacy technician. Or just a 53 year old human. C'mon humanity, let's get it together for the future office workers (or even unemployed people, I don't give an eff) of 2045.

Bottom line? Congrats, J Love. You behaved like an adult with a semi-plan! So...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Okay, Okay! JLH Has a Boyfriend.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has vajazzled her way into her The Client List co-star's heart. She has apparently been getting her chitty chitty bang bang on with her kind of sleepy-looking play TV husband, Brian Hallisay, for about eight months. Go 'head, girl, get down. I'm proud of JLH. B hasn't said a PEEP about this ish, and you know she likes to talk. Maybe someone finally dropped some truth bombs on her ass.

Although I kind of wish she was getting it on with her other love interest/brother in law on the show, Colin Egglesfield.

I mean, hey there, soulja. He's hot, so he took off his shirt, but his nips were cold. Okay? Keep up the sexy, Eggs.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beauty Inspired by a Junk-Touching Day Job (I Said DAY Job, Sickos!)

I love The Client List. I tried to resist that mess for like a month or so, then I caved and watched like five episodes in a row. (I know, I need to get a library card.) But it's good, you guys! Whatever, I don't even care if you judge my ass on this one.

Just in case you haven't seen this show (which really should air on Masterpiece Theater), the premise is Jennifer Love Hewitt's character is a massage therapist that starts doing a little hand dance and such on her clients when she has to make it as a single mom, after her husband leaves her. Side note -- Every client dude on this show is super hot, and has twenty pack abs. Even the undercover cop that tries to bust (Ha!) her. You know that ish is not factually accurate. Have you SEEN most dudes?

These are the products that I think JLH's character should use to make her day go more...smoothly.

Desert Essence Nourishing Body Oil
I bought this ish at Whole Foods for about $10, and I love it. It's an all-natural oil that combines like 10 different good-for-you oils, and it's really rich and moisturizing. It's badass and would totally work as a massage oil. I can't tell you if I like it for that purpose, because, b please, I'm way too lazy and selfish to be massaging people.

Another thing about TCL (That's what we call it on the message boards! -- If you believe that, I hate you.) is that it takes place in Texas, so everyone has hair that's big as hell. My hair is ridiculously flat and fine, so I have a couple of products that I use to get a little volume up in that piece.

L'Oreal EverStyle Volume Root Lifting Spray
I like this mess because it's pretty cheap (about $6 or $7) and it's alcohol free, so it's not super drying.

Kevin Murphy Full Again Thickening Lotion
My hair stylist got me started on this stuff, and I must say, I'm pretty into it. I can't say how much it costs, because I have no clue. I bought it when I got my hair done, so it was part of the whole price. I'm guessing from $20 to $30. This product is cool, because you put it on the ends/mid-shaft (heh) of the hair to thicken it. It's pretty, pretty sexual.

JLH spends a lot of time in some skimpy ish on this show. She's steady rubbing dudes down on their backs and their no no spots, and she usually does it in lingerie. And nothing goes hand in hand with lingerie like self tanner.

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
I have spread the love with St. Tropez before, but let me repeat myself. This is the bizz-nass right here. It dries fast, the color is phenomenal, and it high fives you. (No, it doesn't) It's on the expensive side, ($40 for 8 oz at Sephora) but you will think you've died and gone to Ibiza after you use it.

If you are a masseuse that uses their hands all day, you better get it right and get it tight on those nails.

Essie Wicked
This polish is the perfect shade of super deep red that's almost black. It's my total go-to polish if I'm feeling indecisive. Perfect for the naughty girl that's a little bit "wicked." (Ugh. Barf. That was THE WORST.) At least I didn't use OPI's "I'm Not Really a Waitress." I am so completely unfunny today. Right, Tami?

When you have a long day of performing seedy activities, you need ish that lasts, right?

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm
I have had a few of these for a while, and they last forever on your lips. The only down side is that they are drying, like all stains, but there's a little lip balm thing on the other end. But, don't try to get these b's on the lips during your "massage." They don't get down like that.

Do you guys watch The Client List? If not, you best get on it. I'm all up on JLH's vajazzled jock.

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