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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Allure Insiders Get The Look: GIRLS Character Mashup

This week is the premiere of HBO's GIRLS fourth season. I'm pretty excited, because I love the extreme levels of selfishness of everyone on this show. It's fantastic. And makes me feel good about myself. Selfish.

So for this months' Get the Look video, I decided to do a mashup look of all of the characters. Plus, you can peep my amazing acting skills. AND vocal stylings.

Sorry, Earth.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beauty Sh*t I Learned From Watching This Season of Girls (Beyond Not Sticking a Q-tip In Your Ear)

I'm sad, you guys. This season of Girls is over, and that mess was my jam. And because I HAVE to talk about stuff I like here, I also found some valuable beauty lessons from watching the show this season. Feel free to add your own in the comments, or talk about whatever the eff you want. I'm not the boss of you.

Don't Cut Your Own Hair.
via elle
 And if you do, expect it to look like a recovering heroin addict shaped that ish up in the back. (Thanks, Laird.) That's not to say that a b can't trim her own bangs, or whatever. But let's get real in this mutha -- MOST people cannot duplicate a Carey Mulligan-esque haircut with scissors you stole from the UPS Store. Leave that mess to a professional, mmmmkay?

Perfect is Boring.
via hbo
Even Marnie was bored with how boringly perfect Marnie is, and at least kind of lost her ish this season. Being perfect is for the effin' birds, man. How sexy is Jessa and all of her crazy, imperfect, weirdness? I'm not saying not to be a classy, coiffed lady, if that's you. But if you're a bit of a sh*t storm -- that's cool, too. Do you, baby.
Even B's With Gorgeous, Kate Middleton-y Hair Can Have Crap Hair Days.

Not to keep slapping Marnie with a big bag o' d's (okay, so I kind of hate her), but her hair wasn't so Jhirmack-bouce-back-beautiful this season. And homegirl's got some banging ass hair. So whenever you're having one of those days when you wished you owned a collection of Dolly Parton's wigs, remember that everyone has those days. Then put your damn hair in a bun, or something, and move on.

Never Underestimate the Mini-Makeover.
via vulture
Seriously, how hot did Charlie get this season? He was scruffier yet more chic and tailored, and just all around sexier. It's not like he changed that much -- facial hair and better hair styling? The details make the difference. Just ask your lady business, that girl knows what's up.

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