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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pop Culture Beauty School: The 15 Beauty Lessons We Learned From Sex And The City

Like many pop culture gems worth their salt, Sex and the City had some freaking fantastic beauty moments. Like Carrie's hair. And Carrie's hair. And when Samantha shaved her head after chemo treatments, and that hot bia Smith followed suit. That was a real sacrifice; dude had some magical-ass hair. 

But even beyond that, SATC gave us actual teachable beauty lessons -- times you could say, "Shit, I FEEL that." Here are my favorite 15.

1. It may take a minute to find a good look for yourself. 
(Season 1, Episode 1)


Hopefully, you've already gleaned this nugget of beauty information from me, but if you haven't, I think this photo collage alone allows me to rest my case, Your Honor. Your pilot look usually sucks, even in life.

2. Don't stay up doing shady shit all night when you're shooting a cover story for NEW YORK EFFING MAGAZINE the next day. (Season 2, Episode 4)

In this case, Carrie should have used her own GD advice and taken a Nap(a). And maybe time-traveled to 2015 and used a really hydrating sheet mask? Yes, that's a question mark.

3. Instead of having "the talk" with your (maybe) boyfriend, just leave your tampons and a brush there. (Season 2, Episode 11)

Talking sucks; let your girly shit do the speaking.

4. Hair plugs are scary. (Season 2, Episode 11)

Have these things improved with time? Help me, Bosley Medical.

5. Let your boob flag fly, you total Char. 
(Season 3, Episode 3)

Charlotte was super uptight about showing her bawdy, but once she was actually naked, everyone was like, "Uhh...nice rack." So, quit being all uncool. Okay?

6. Getting your hootenanny waxed is probably horrible. 
(Season 3, Episode 14)

 I, admittedly, have never done this. I attempted to begin an at-home wax once, and it was the worst and I got a shitty rash. HARD PASS on the real thing.

7. Braces are a real bitch. (Season 3, Episode 15)

It doesn't matter if you're 14 or 40, having metal in your mouth is not NEARLY as fun as flattening a paperclip and pretending it's a retainer. Futuristic mouth transplants, where you at?

8. Keep some flip flops, or some type of shit, in your bag. 
(Season 3, Episode 17)

Carrie was foot-mugged on the dirty-ass streets of New York, and we couldn't help but wonder: would you rather a), keep some simple type of footwear in your bag for emergencies; or b), have Britney-barefoot-in-a-Starbucks feet? Choose your own adventure.

9. Heidi Klum ain't all that. (Season 4, Episode 2)

JK, JK; she totally is. And, also, if Dolce & Gabbana tell you to put on bedazzled underwear and get to stepping, you do it?

Then you fall on your a-hole. And it's fine.

10. Fake nips are an actual thing. (Season 4, Episode 6)

I have nothing else to say about this. I just wanted you to know that they exist.

11. Dudes really like deodorant. (Season 4, Episode 13)

Carrie found hoarder-levels of antiperspirant in Aidan's man stuff, and I have found similar things around my own house. This makes me ask -- Dudes, why you so obsessed with deodorant?

12. Sarcasm Report: If you want to look whorey, get some volume in your hair and define your eyebrows. 
(Season 5, Episode 3)

Charlotte went to Atlantic City with the other girls of SATC, and decided to slip into a shiny freakum dress and v, v solid hair and makeup. She was trying to look slutty, and I LIKED IT A LOT. Buy some eyeliner, Charlotte York. It's not just for sluts anymore! (Can that please be a tagline for a cosmetics ad?)

13. Face peels will peel your face. (Season 5, Episode 5)

Samantha got a peel, and looked a hot and bloody mess, as one is wont-ish to look. It is my one great hope that they put raspberry jelly all over Kim Cattrall's face to film these scenes, like they do with pretend newborns in movies, who are actually like 28 months old.

14. If you have a cystic zit, LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE.
 (Season 5, Episode 7)

Carrie had a big-ass zit. On a dirty-ass train. If you find yourself in that exact situation, just leave it alone and slap a sulfur-y mud mask on your face. Not all zits are meant to be popped. (I know, I know. Don't pop anything. Boring.)

15. Don't dye your pubes with hair dye. Please. 
(Season 6A, Episode 12)

Samantha found a gray pube and decided to try to get the carpet to match the drapes, but ended up with clown wig shrubs. If you REALLY want to dye your bathing suit area, that's cool. Just use that actual dye for that actual area. Or maybe wear a merkin! People don't wear merkins enough these days.

What was your biggest beauty learnin' from Sex and the City? And are you currently wearing a merkin? Plz respond.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

10 Times When We Were All A Miranda Hobbes

Remember when everyone and their Aunt Susan were wearing MF-ing "I'm a Carrie" baby tees during the height of Sex and the City's popularity? That was annoying in itself, but I always felt like it was some straight bullshit that I never saw ONE PERSON repping Miranda's clique via t-shirt. I'm not even sure that shit was ever in production.

I could never understand why Miranda was so reviled by pretty much every human on Earth. Some people say she was a pessimistic rude ass, I say homegirl was realistic. But even if you fancied yourself a "Samantha" or even a "Charlotte," there were times that we all had a little Miranda in us. Like it or not (and I love it), we've all been about that Miranda Hobbes life at some point.

#1 -- When, in life, this was an actual outfit choice.

It's just one of them days that we all go through. Yet, Miranda looks jaunty as shit.

#2 -- When confronted with this:

And her only valid option was to do this: 

NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE. Eat your feelings and hide the evidence.

#3 -- When "exciting" stuff wasn't that exciting.

#4 -- When she just wanted eat her friggin' I'm-in-a-rut food without a Judgy McJudgesalot on her jock.

Can't a bitch just eat some cold noodles in peace?

#5 -- When she didn't feel the need to see any of her exes, like, EVER ever again.

Somebody's got to move out of town. I don't want to see you buying TylenolPM and clearance Herbal Essence shampoo at CVS.

#6 -- When she was compelled to eat trash cake.

Seriously, if you haven't eaten cake from the garbage, I don't even know you.

#7 -- When the father of her unborn child proposed to her with a second-hand ring, and she responded appropriately.

Which is with a solid, "What are you, fucking crazy?" obviously.

#8 -- Baby showers.

Nobody wants to guess candy bar poop.

#9 -- When hiding was easier that facing an awkward ass situation.

#10 -- When she was over it, and just had zero effs left to rub together.

We feel you, sister. Hardcore.

Deal with it, guys, we're a Miranda. Even though sometimes we're all pretty Stanford-y.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Video(s) Of The Day: Courtney Stodden Shoving Marshmallows In Her Mouth & A Dash Of SJP

If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you might know that I've been re-watching the shit out of Sex and the City over the past week or so. Because of this, I've been doing stuff like googling whether or not Mr. Winkle is still alive. I NEED ANSWERS. During this SATC binge-related research, I came across this brand new video of Sarah Jessica Parker in "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," which has a terrible new intro song that I can't even deal with, so if you happen to watch it ignore that part. Side note -- why is SJP's hair always so GD fantastic?

Anyway, I wanted to do a post that included the SJP/Jerry Seinfeld video, but I couldn't get the thing to embed. Maybe I really am getting too old for this shit. So instead, I'm posting this Courtney Stodden video because I feel like I've been neglecting my Earth angel.

Apparently Court has a new YouTube "show" called Courtney Naturally (uh huh), where she just does a bunch of silly nonsense that somehow becomes sexual. WE GET IT, YOU'RE DOING PENIS HAND GESTURES. 

My favorite part of this whole thing is that when CS started talking, my sleeping (mostly deaf) dog woke up in a start like I had straight-up slapped her across her muzzle with a pair of brass knuckles. Her voice is apparently kryptonite to canine ear holes.

I missed you, Stodds. Enjoy!

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