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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Badass B List: Fuzzy Wuzzy Wasn't Fuzzy (Anymore) Was She?

Awkwardly placed facial and body hair is decidedly NOT the cat's sexy ass pajamas, I mean amiright? Unless you are one of those "I have zero effs to give about body hair" people. If so, carry on, and maybe pass go and read about Justin Bieber, or whatever. For the rest of us, get ready, because sh*t's about to get awkward. (For me, anyway.)

bliss "fuzz" off, $24
First is the worst (to talk about, anyway), so let's just do this crap. I don't find myself to be an excessively hairy human, female person. I'm just on that pre-pubescent boy that is trying to grow a creepy moustache, or Pedro from Napoleon Dynomite tip. But with blonde hair. It's quite cute. (No, it's not.) So it was a happy day for me when the Bliss people allowed me to try their new product for facial hair removal, "fuzz" off. Unfortunately, I have not had good luck with hair removal creams in the past, when I've used them on my legs and such. I always end up with rashy, irritated skin. YAY! But I was left pleasantly surprised with this bliss product. It's super easy to use (apply with applicator, wait a few minutes, wipe off), and it actually smells pretty, pretty good. And best part -- no irritation (or Pedro-esque lip hair)! Check it out for yo' own damn self here.

whish shave savour hair inhibiting gel swipes, $8 (8 pk) to $20 (20 pk)
The Whish people were nice enough to send me a sample of these brand new Hair Inhibiting Gel Swipes, which were shown in clinical studies to reduce hair density by 26% after 28 days of daily use. Pretty friggin' cool, right? My favorite thing about them (of course) is that ish is super easy to use, AKA lazy b friendly. It's like a wet nap -- rip it open, then just wipe wherever you want to make your hair less coarse. I went for the legs, because I'm a prude. And they smell like a pomegranate martini, minus the regrets and bad decisions. (Okay, not that prude.) I can't wait for my legs to look like a borderline hairless cat in a few weeks. Check the deets on these puppies here.

bikini soft smooth shave oil & razor saver, $14.99 plus s&h
When I was sent this duo from Bikini Soft, I was super iffy on it. It's just a bottle of oil, how good can this mess be??? And while I love the crap out of it for shaving the swimsuit/no no areas and legs, the true testament came from shaving my armpits. Here's a little back story on my 'pits (whether you want to hear it or not). I have always, since the dawn of shaving said underarms time, had an issue with razor burn/bumps on the armpits. No matter what I've used, it always happens. But that sh*t is completely gone after using this stuff. Insanity. And to use the smooth shave oil, just put a few drops in your hands and apply to wherever you're shaving. After you've finished, you dry off your razor and use the razor saver to increase the longevity of your razor. Bikini Soft also has a razor recycling program, where you can send your old ass razors to be recycled. Captain Planet would totally approve. Find out more about Bikini Soft here, including their 30 day money back guarantee.

Being hairlessly fresh to death has never been so easy.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Think It's Time to Talk Timberlake for a Minute.

via timmy's website
I've kept pretty effin' mum on JT for a long ass time. I didn't say sh*t about that rude ass wedding video, I haven't mentioned how Jessica Biel is irritating to me, I haven't even brought up the meeeeeehhhhh feeling that his new song bring me. (Is it two songs? Is it kind of super boring? I'm old and confused.) But THEN I came across the photos posted on Justin's website of his ass back in the studio, and realized that #1) he looks hot, and #2) his beard isn't very neck beard-y. I mean, amiright?

Not even a shade of this monstrosity in sight, which is completely newsworthy to my ass.

both photos via jt's website
A couple of other noteworthy things -- henleys are apparently the hot sauce to ol' JT, and Timbaland is back. Are we still doing the whole Timbaland thing? I guess Timbaland is to JT what Grumpy Cat is to me. Whatever floats it, I suppose.

I totally know where Justified is biting his style from, however. I watched Paris is Burning for the first time last night, and that henley is looking MIGHTY close to the one that Ken Pendavis is wearing at the 6:30 mark in this video. I see you, Timberlake.

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