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Monday, June 30, 2014

Hot Dude Dance Off: Prince Harry vs Zac Efron

First, we have the sexual ginger candy that is Prince Harry. PH definitely wins the cute points by dancing with adorable kids at a Chilean children's home. I feel like Hars is just getting more and more attractive as he ages. It's like he's the reverse Prince William. (Sorry for that burn, lil' Willy style.)

He loses points on the ACTUAL dancing, but he's with kids. It's not like he can be all Genuwine "Pony"-ing all over the youth of Chile. But even his clapping is sub-par and whiter than the purest white chocolate sauce. Yet, still hot.

Get it? Like, he's a redhead, too, so fire...My apologies.

Then there's Zac. I always forget that homeboy is a great dancer. Maybe because I've never seen High School Musical. But he is.

Plus, we know what he's working with under that slinky top. We see you, Efs. We see you.

So who are you guys feeling more? Yeezus, don't me me choose.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Rude Prayers Have Been Answered: Prince Hot Harry Is Single

pic via eonline
Good news/kind of shitty news, guys. The sexual beast that is Prince Harry (Is that illegal to say about a royally-blooded mofo?) broke up with his scrunchie-loving homegirl Cressida Bonas. Good for you single young bloods: you've still got a chance! But bad news: I really liked this girl. Here's why I'm really into her --
  • She's almost always wearing a scrunchie.
  • She has the beautiful hair that looks like she washes it with pee or apple jam, or something.
  • She's not fancy and uptight. You know that the Queen never even let her absolutely worst hat be in the same room with this chick.
  • Her name is Cressida Bonas, which kind of sounds like Croissant Boners.
I'm just scared that PH is going to date some boring, bland bitch next. Like someone with Avian Bone Syndrome, or some bullshit. I'm not okay with that. At all.


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