Monday, November 26, 2012

GUUUUUURL of the Day: This Dude.

I'm sure that you guys recognize this super overly used meme. It's a dude the internets have dubbed "Scumbag Steve." To most, he's just a douchey-looking douche that helps spread more douche, but The Boston Globe actually found this guy, and interviewed him. Please watch the following video, and have the terrible realization that memes are total life truth bombs.

Life imitating art? I can't even with this guy. I'm just going to put this out there -- if you wear a shirt with your own face emblazoned on it, then you are the worst. And if any of you even attempt to listen to this guy's raps, even ironically, I swear on everything I love (so pretty much baby koalas), that I will disconnect your internet. Even dial up. Even free AOL trial disks. I will smash the sh*t out of them.
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 I'd rather listen to a David Silver's greatest DJ hits, with cameos by Donna's V05 Hot Oil Treament-needing hair than hear that mess ever again.

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P.S. My apologies on the auto-play deal on the video. I don't know how to change that crap, I'm not freaking Doogie Howser. I owe you a delicious soft serve ice cream cone.

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