Tuesday, June 7, 2011

EYEBROWS! Jazz hands!

I am completely obsessed with eyebrows. Like ol' dude from Brokeback Mountain, I cannot quit them. En. Thralled. If you don't give a rat's keister (???) about eyebrows, skip this ish. Those of you that are still reading, let us embark on a brow tutorial!

 So these are my natural eyebrows.

Meeeeh. But on the semi-bushy side, non? Over-tweezers, over-waxers, over-whateverers of the world, please stop. Bigger is better in the brow world right now, and those puppies might not grow back! Calm it down.

First thing, brow pencil. Start with the pencil right next to your nose, at the bottom corner of your eyebrow, and draw a line straight up. Then follow the hairs to fill in the brows. My favorite brow pencil is cheap as hell, from Maybelline. Check it out here. Like $3. Bam. I use blonde no matter what hair color, because dark brow pencil if used heavy-handed looks dread-fullll.

Next up is brow powder/shadow. I actually use a Kat von D eyeshadow, just because I love it. You can use eyeshadow, brow powder, whatever. Just make sure it has a lot of pigment, and matches your hair color. You also need a bad ass brush that's small and angled or you will look cray cray.

The last step is to finish off with a brow gel or clear mascara.

So that's it! Eyebrows make your face. Trust. I NEVER leave the house without my brows done. So what do you guys think? Are you anti-eyebrows? Or are you on the next downtown bus to Brow Town? Pin It


  1. I had my makeup done recently and he did my brows, and I hated it! I try to do them every now and then but think I look much better without.

  2. You just aren't used to it. Whenever I first do brows on someone, they hate it...Then love it. Do it for a week straight and you won't be able to quit!

  3. I want you to do my brows! Spirit Fingers!!!

  4. I was blessed with my father’s unruly caterpillar brows! I am almost 31 and still have issues keeping these beasts tame! Anastasia has a brow kit I started using and it seems to help, but I am never satisfied. I may try your blonde pencil idea. I always feel like mine look too heavy.