Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Judge Judy is my favorite human.

If you don't watch J.J., you are so dumb. I CANNOT get enough of Judge Judy. She is the sunlight of my life. I know that the average age of her viewing audience is 72 (I made that up, don't google that ish. Nerd.), but this crap is ridiculously entertaining. I know you are probably too busy watching "The Hills" (Shoutout to 2007!) or some mess, but you are missing gems of people like these.
See? You life is already 10-12% better. But the best thing about J.J. is her sassy pants attitude.
You can't tell me you aren't in love. That sensible frosted and banged bob, the same shade of lipstick everyday...Adorable! If you aren't out buying an "Um is not an answer" t-shirt right now, I don't know you anymore. Pin It

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