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Monday, April 14, 2014

Okay, Okay, One More Coachella Related Post. IT'S ABOUT BIEBER.

via buzzfeed
I didn't really want to be all,"COACHELLA, COACHELLA, COACHELLA," today. But when Buzzfeed posted this picture of JB, it could not be ignored. When I see something that gives me the WHAT THE MF-ING EFF? feelings as much as this does, I really can't just let it go. (If you make a Frozen reference right now, I will eyeball slap you.)

Seriously, this bitch has got to be kidding me right now. He's wearing a chain that every dude I knew in high school bought from a kiosk in the middle of the mall. With an oversized bucket hat. But the real clincher are those shorts (???). Those pieces of shit look like something that that guy with the 132 lb ball would be forced to wear. (RIP, sir.)

via realitytvgifs
Biebs is seriously sending me to a (slightly) early retirement home facility with his nonsense. Send me lots of Werther's and hand-made doilies, mofos.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Went To Coachella, Was Awkward.

I love seeing celebrities dancing in the wild. They're just like us! We all like doing semi-karate kicks in huge crowds while half-dancing to MGMT, so don't play. Leo's just a regular dude, wearing a newsboy hat (that effing thing), crunking it up in the desert. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, WORLD.

P.S. I can't wait until I'm rich (beyotch) and I can rent-to-own a helicopter and fill it full of newsboy hats, then fly over LD's house and dump them all over it. It's important to have dreams and goals.

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