Monday, August 12, 2013

True Blood Musings: One Flew Over the Vampire's Nest

Happy Wedding day? Funeral day? I don't know what the f*ck is happening. Let's all find out together after the jump.

Oh, good, Alcide's here. Now we're cooking with wolf hair.

Eric's going through a "junk ripping" phase. So cute.

Eric requests that Jason have bangin' ass sex dreams about him. Can I volunteer?

Dammit, Gretchen Weiners, you're missing the eff out.

This is how it's done, world.

Everyone else can just TRY to keep up.

And vintage La La, circa Ed Hardy.

Friggin' Ginger. It's always something with your screaming ass.

Fairuza's face is what my soul feels, like, always.

And this sh*t just brought the sadsies. Thanks, TB.

It's a Blah-ll buffet. No thanks, I'll pass.

But have you tried the Eric Elbow Pasta Salad? It's delightful.

I really can't wait to start calling b's f*cking turncoats.

These mofos need to get under an outdoor tent, or some sh*t. They're starting to make me get the vapors.

It's about to be a damn Gone With the Wind non-fabulous mess in here.

Oh, this b*tch is totally fine, of course. But...WHERE DID ERIC GO?!?

Next week, people might be doing it, or something, and maybe Sook marries Not So Bran Flakes?

But seriously, where the eff is Eric?

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