Tuesday, July 23, 2013

True Blood Musings: It's About to Be War

Last time we saw Sookie, she looked like this. WHAT HAPPENED??? DID SHE PASS ON FOREVA AND EVA???

Jump, and we'll talk about this mess.

Of course, Not So Bran Flake's weird cow lick busted up in that b*tch and saved Sookie.

Thankfully, my La La is okay, and I won't be forced to go on a mass face punching spree of all these mofos.

Pretty much.

That's right, silly a-hole faces. Quit playin'.

Aaaaand here's Steve Newlin's smallest and least favorite glory hole.

Awww, Blah-ll's confused.

Bill: "I need you to put me into a coma."
Everyone else in the world: "YAAAAAAY!"

Meet ABCD, errybody. Mmmkay?

Nobody rocks a silky caftan and a glue gun like Lafayette.

My love for him knows no bounds.

Same goes for Arlene in a circa 2003 velour Juicy track suit.

P.S. What in the freaky ass eff is that baby statue on the ground?

Lilith is kind of effing annoying, you guys.

And the Funyun stands alone...

I guess you can't make Terry forget to have crazy eyes. I think we all know that this sh*t is not going to end well.

Alcide Herveaux -- single handedly ruining Louisiana small businesses since 2013.

Well, that sh*t was sufficiently sad.

Then Bill did a scene from Hamlet.

The old "cut off the French manicured hand of the doctor and use its fingerprints" works every time.


Meanwhile, Sook's still "whoring around" in the chandelier graveyard.

Oh, and this happened.

Next week, it's super death times. Get yo' ass ready.

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