Monday, July 15, 2013

True Blood Musings: Errrybody's Effed

You guys know how I felt about the first few episodes of TB this season.

Luckily, it HAS gotten better. Now I'm a little more like this.

I won't spoil it for you peeps that haven't watched, but serious ish-nay went on this week. Jump with me, and let's talk about it.

Listen, Jess, I know you're high on fairy juice, or whatever, BUT YOU CAN'T BE SO HIGH THAT YOU'D WANT TO MAKE OUT WITH BILL. There's not enough fairy blood in the world.

So, Boring Ass Bill MADE Not So Bran Flakes, or something. Eff. Side note -- Sookie's body looks bomb ass bangin'.

Pshaw, like anyone could shoot this hot vanilla fudgesicle.


Extra bloody, I guess.

Listen, Pitch Perfect. Ain't nobody trying to pregnantize your crazy ass.

Awww, look. Not So Bran Flakes used to have long hair and jugs a plenty in the olden times.

Dammit, Jason. You're so easy. All a girl has to do is put on black lace fingerless gloves and you'll go to town, insane or not.

What in the Saw IV hell is this sh*t?

I don't think so, track suit.

Fairies love crimpers.

Oh hey, Cosby kid. I forgot you were on this damn show.

Sookies' kinda dick-ish dad better GET OUT OF MY LA LA.

Well, this doesn't look too promising.

OH, HELL NAW. Don't you make me have to choose between my love of a Norwegian sex stick and a sassy-mouthed b*tch, True Blood.

Bad idea.

Who will help Sookie's ass when Not So Bran Flakes is busy strolling down memory lane? Sh*t.

And coming up next week, Steve Newlin gets glory holed, vamp style.

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