Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh, no no no no.

amanda-bynes-face-pierced-cheek-blonde-extensions.jpgI thought really hard about posting this, you guys. I don't know ish about Amanda Byne's rillll (copyright Courtney Stodden) life, but I suspect that some areas have been going less than swimmingly for her. But at least there haven't been those daily reports on her having to be physically removed from, well, everywhere, so I will assume that things have calmed down a bit. That was what I believed in my heart until I saw this picture she posted on her own twitter. Oh, honey. Why are you wearing a Taylor Dayne wig?

Sorry, youngsters. I know that you have ZERO idea who this is, but it's AB's wig twin. Except for the fact that this was Tay Tay's real hair at the time.

And just because Dave Chapelle isn't doing his show anymore, doesn't give you the right to bite Tyrone Biggum's style so hard. Rude. And I know that people are still doing the whole acrylic stiletto nails thing, but seeing them without polish gives me the grossies. I'll leave the makeup deal alone, because we all have eyes. And brain waves. Oh, and if you think I'm being a total c-face (Well, duh. Nice to meet you.) and judging off of one weird picture...

amanda-bynes-face-cheek-piercing-bling.jpgThis is happening. And I REALLY, REALLY hope that this all is just a case of...

Because Amanda seems like a nice girl. Learn from your peer peeps. PLEASE. Take a nap, eat a nice grilled cheese, and stop the silly nonsense.

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