Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I Can't Stop Staring at Jon Hamm and All of His Dude Business.

Have you guys seen the new promo pictures for Mad Men Season 6? Those are some hot ass mofos, right? And in anticipation of the upcoming MM premiere next month, I have compiled a photo collection of the sexiest b in the group -- Jon Hamm. (Freakin' doy.) So let's explore why Hammy is so damn hot.

He's got a bangin' ass beard.
I mean, come the hell on.
He has a cute dog, whose face is adorably tiny for his body.
He has sexual corrective lenses.
Are you fuh-real with that smile? That crap could rip ladies' pant off.
He likes to keep that ish cas. (Stop trying to make cas happen.)
I'm not into the ciggie, but I'm totally into breakfast. Like, anytime.
Homeboy knows...
How to wear...
A friggin' pair of pants.
And really, is there ANYONE hotter than Don Draper???

(KIND OF) NSFW UPDATE: This is why I love my people. (Name withheld for embarrassment purposes.)

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