Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Homie: Susan Posnick COLORME in Lilly

Lemme make this ish quick, because I'm going to be late for work. I was sent this little beaut from the peeps at Susan Posnick, who was a celebrity/model makeup artist. It's called COLORME ($32), and it's a little blush system. And I say system, because it has a powder puff on top, which is the perfect size for the baby apple of your cheek! And the top has a mirror, which is the knees. (Shortening of Bee's Knees. It's what the kids do these days.) So because of these factors, this little kitten has been delegated as my purse blush. (Which is totally a thing that I need, being the oily grossness that I am. Blush fades from oily faces like a mofo boss. It's not awesome.) I can just pop this stuff on my cheeks in two seconds, and I'm back to looking like an in-my-30's cherub. Something that I'm into, if you're wondering. Oh, and the color that I have, Lily, is inspired by Natalie Portman. Now that's just sexy. So what I'm saying is...
via mrhankey
Now I gotta go get them dollas. And I'm not a stripper, though I wish I were.

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