Wednesday, November 14, 2012

GUUUUUURL of the Day: Joe Manganiello Posing as a Grizzly Bear, or Possibly Vice Versa

via celebitchy
Joe Manganiello is a hot, hot b. But this is how I'm used to taking this lollipop:

I know that it's the True Blood off season, or whatever, but that doesn't mean you should be shirking basic hygienic upkeep. I just want to scrub this b with an entire bottle of Mane 'n Tail and then get after his ass with an entire package of disposable Bic razors. I totally understand if you want to let your chub out (oh, wow) when you aren't filming, but this is just way the eff over the top. The hot force is hot with you, J. Mang, so stop working your friggin' hardest to fight it, b*tch.

So, in keeping with the animal theme...

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