Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Greatest Moments Of Judgement In The Downton Abbey Finale

The finale of "Downton Abbey" was this week, and overall it was pretty damn adorable and full of feel goods. But don't be fooled, there were still a ton of judgey-faced moments to relish. Let's re-live them all together after the jump.

(Obvs, some light spoilers ahead if you haven't watched.)

"I'd rather sleep on the roof than share with Edith." - Lady Mary, serving it up hot and fresh.

Shirley McClain's been here 7 minutes and she's already over it.

Pig Vomit showed up as the American cousin-type dude that thinks England is super lame.

Daisy hates excitement. I feel you, yo.

Lady Grantham's judgey face. She clearly thinks teacher lady is a basic b*tch.

Speaking of basic b's, Carson thinks Americans are the worst.

Can we just ogle this headpiece for a hot ass second? Not to mention that flawless b-face.

Thomas, being the typical bag o' dicks that he always is.

Lady Grantham is maid-less and can't even deal with the plebeian-ness of it all.

Mrs. Hughes gently judges Bates' possible murderer-y actions.

Carson hates Americans: part II.

Bates, judging Mrs. Hughes' judgement...

And Lady Mary's judgement.

Isis is filled with feelings of "nope" about this entire family, if she's really honest with herself.

The Gam Gams are totally not into each other. End of list.

We'll miss you, Abbs Fabs. You make me feel (slightly) less like trash. Until next year!

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