Tuesday, August 6, 2013

True Blood Musings: Vampire Brides

It's 'bout to be a GIRL FIGHT! This week, Blah-ll continues to annoy and bore the masses. Let's talk about how much we hate his ass after the jump.

And, suddenly, an all-were girl group was formed. (The Pussy Were Dolls, natch.)

Jason, how DARE you wear a mock turtleneck under your Ghostbusters outfit in front of my eyeballs.

Reason # 408450498 to love Lafayette -- he will protect the sh*t out of your bacon.

Because could bacon BE anymore delicious?

Oh, sh*t. Sookie somehow time traveled back to 1997!

Ziga zig ah, and all.

Oh, Steve Newlin, you're the most atrociously adorably terrible vampire, ever.

Poor Sam. Sookie always has to try to vagmatize some poor schmuck.

Calm you lady parts, Sook.

Oh, hell to the yas. Homegirl just got c-punted like she's on Orange is the New Black.

Rough justice in this b. amiright?

Ugh, Sarah Newlin WOULD Single White Female a mofo.

So, I guess this is what one wears when one is going to become an eternal vampire bride?

A dress for any occasion!

Here we go with this sh*t, I guess.

Oh, Eric, you rabble rouser, you!

Next week: Blah-ll says, "Eric," a sh*t ton, which I assume goes on for the last two episodes.

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