Monday, July 29, 2013

True Blood Musings: I Get So Emotional, Baby

Is there anything better than when Eric gets all maternal and sh*t?

Let's break it all down to vampire town after the jump.

Okay, Pam in downward dog might even be better than femmed-out Eric.

Dammit, Eric. Don't ever involve Blah-ll in anything, even if it is to save your hot sister.

His annoying ass is worst than Hep V.

Ugh, please let a vampire owl swoop down and take this b*tch and her french manicured Lee Press On Nails.

Plus, this happened.

You're gross, b.

Listen, Terminator. I would appreciate it if you never said "'maters" ever again.

You know my ass was REALLY hoping that Clair Huxtable would be picking this b up.

But I never get what I want.

Arlene got turnt the eff up, like a sad person should.

And Blah-ll, of course, had to piss all over everyone.

You're the worst, Bill. Go home.

Pam takes one for the team.

YOU GUYS, I almost cried human, non-blood tears over Eric losing his sh*t.

Next week, THERE ARE ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT?!? Well, that ish was short.

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