Monday, July 8, 2013

True Blood Musings: Gotcha, B*tch!

Well, things are FINALLY starting to get good in this b*tch. And this episode was full of these kind of moments:

Let's jump so we can talk deets and not upset those late to class h's that haven't watched yet.

Well, sh*t. For the first time this season, I gasped at something on this mf-ing show. (Well, other than Alcide's naked ass times.) Bran Flakes Ben isn't so boring, I guess.

La La saves the damn day, again. Reason #4803853 I love him most. (And in a weird old car and flashy head scarf, no less.)

Oh, Ginger. Always the trashy hot mess that I've learned to love.

Great, the fairy tweens have discovered Hannah Montana. Except for old Mopey McSweatshirt in the middle. What's her problem?

Finally, a Jason scene I can get behind. We don't want to hear your thoughts, Jason. Shhhhhh...

Mmmhmmm, that's right.

Reasons why one should not "raid Aunt Arlene's closet"-- THIS.

YES. (Minus that gross rope necklace that Not So Bran Flakes is wearing.)

This dude is grossed by Bill and his horrible attempt at Japanese almost as much as I am.


How many sets of fake eyelashes does a b have to wear around here to get an effin' storyline this season???

"You know all of your questions about shifters? Well, here's my ween."

YOU GUYS. Grandpappy Fairy's hair is getting super insane. It's like an Elvis/Rod Stuart/Billy Ray Cyrus/Doc from Back to the Future mutation.

Imeanamiright? His hair must've sensed the impending danger. Oh, and Not So Bran Flakes is now British (or something).

Not So Bran Flakes is a spitter. Vamp eating disorder? Bye, Gamp Gamp.

Weres love bedazzled boot cut denim, apparently.

Haha, b*ch. Haha!

Oh, hell to the naw. Not Pam!

Take me instead!

What in Pee Paw grossness?!?

Sam, stop thinking with your emotionally vulnerable horse peen.

Annnnnd we've entered the Spice Girl era of fairy adulthood.

Mmmmkay, now what, Sook? You can't just hold orbs over that b's head forever.

Next week: Sookie does sh*t in her bra, and La La finally gets some airtime with a seance. Did you guys feel like this week was better?

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