Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Think Kanye West Wants Us to Put the Lotion on Its Skin.

pics via buzzfeed, via some instagram
I'm all for edgy. And dudes wearing skirts. And doing whatever the eff you feel like. Unless you look scary, which I feel like this is creepin' straight up in the latter category. (Truth bomb: I just had to re-edit the first two sentences roughly three times, because I've had some wine.) This is some Legends of Ga'Hoole meets Silence to the Lambs type sh*t.

It's friggin' weird, and I don't like it. Imagine what the inside of that mask must smell like. It's a feathery, owl mullet. Bleeeeeeeh.

via mrhankey
Okay, I have to go now, before my sh*t get out of hand.

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