Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random Homie: Layla Ceramic Effect Nail Polish in #53

Zappos, $9.95 with FREE shipping
Before I received this Layla polish, I had never heard of the brand. It's apparently an Italian nail polish company, and they were one of the first peeps to do the whole magnetic polish deal. The color I tried is best described as a ruby red with flakes of red glitter. But the glitter isn't like your gamgam's glitter from Michael's. This polish looks like lava is painted on your nails.

My photography skills are straight sh*t.
I COULD NOT get a good representation of these nails in any light.

See? Terrible.
But I promise they are badass. And the polish dries really fast, which my lazy ass truly appreciates. The company says you don't need a base or top coat, but I did both anyway. What can I say? I can't be tamed. I break all the rules. Anyway, check out all of the colors over at Zappos and see what you think. Now I'm going to put on my Katniss Everdeen "girl on fire" dress to match my nails.

It has officailly come to a point that I can NEVER again mention Jennifer Lawrence/Katniss Everdeen in this space. Homegirl is one more mention away from legally making sure I stay 100 feet away from her ass.

Update: This is an easily chipping polish, which is pretty standard for glittery ass polishes, but I just had to keep it real with my b's. I wrote this post last night, and am now on my work lunch break, and I've got some chipping happening. But like some Level 2 type ish. Nothing insane.

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