Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Music Thursday! (Okay, That's Not a Thing, But It's Thursday. And There's New Music.)

Vampire Weekend played a new song, called "Unbelievers," last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I effin' love VW, so I'm totally into pretty much anything that they do. They're on my "Must See" concert list, but b's pretty much don't do ANY live performances at this point.

via lizlemongifs
So, I'll just have to live my life unrequited. Friggin' balls, man.

Also coming out with a new music teaser, is Ashlee Simpson, with a song called "Bat for a Heart." Hmmmkay. BE WARNED: Don't blast this ish at work. She says the f word roughly three times in this clip. It sounds pretty good, but it's no "Pieces of Me" in this piece. I'll probably like her new stuff, because I'm lame as a mofo.

What do you guys think? Are you into either one of these? Or do I have horrible musical tastes? (NO, I DON'T!)

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