Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GUUUUUURL of the Day: Rihanna's Expensive Ass Album

pic via ri ri's instagram
Rihanna is coming out with a new album November 16th, called Unapologetic, which is a completely appropriate title. Why? She is selling a "deluxe" copy of the CD for effing $250! IN THIS ECONOMY?!? ( I really love saying that.) But seriously, that's friggin' insane. According to US Weekly, here's what you get for that quarter thou:

Described as a "limited edition art piece for a true collector," the Diamonds Executive Platinum Box comes packed with super-exclusive extras, including a handwritten personal note from the star and a custom-made white-and-silver View-Master with a "vintage reel of never-before-released 3-D images" of her style evolution.

Fans who purchase the set will also get a T-shirt, a two-gigabyte flash drive with Rihanna's photo on it, seven art-print lithographs, seven laptop stickers, a poster, a 40-page book of notes and lyrics, a 20-minute DVD, and a special-edition vinyl record featuring remixes of the hit "Diamonds."

Oh, you get a View-Master! Nevermind, ish is TOTALLY worth it. And she's going to write you a post-it note, or something. Enjoy, richie riches!

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