Friday, October 12, 2012

An Open Plea to Whoever is Doing Muh Boo, Brit Brit's Makeup.

Let me start by saying this -- I am a ride or die Britney Spears fan. I will cut a b if she talks trash about my boo. So this hurts, but it comes from a good place. I caught Brit on X Factor (don't ask) the other night, and this is what I saw on my 19" TV/VCR combo set.
And this is why I need some contact info on whoever is doing my homegirl's makeup. WHERE ARE YOUR EYEBROWS, MIZZ SPEARS??? I have a suspicion that Britney has been bleaching her brows for the past several years. Because this is what they used to look like.
Hey, there. You look approximately 29384032984 times better with some eyebrows on your damn face, baby. Just lemme pencil them in. Just the tip (of the brow pencil). And please, please take of the choker/thin chain necklaces. We've been trying this look since the dark days of Brit Bootgate in '07.
 Remember those cloven beasts straight from Hell that she wore EVERY DAMN DAY? Okay, okay. I need to calm down. Just let the nice makeup people pencil your eyebrows in. I'm so proud of your ass, though. You're doing great, boo boo.

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