Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Random Homie: PureCeuticals Multi-Enzyme Pumpkin Peel

PureCeuticals Pumpkin Peel, $42
I don't mean to harp, but I have sh*tty skin. So whenever I find something that makes it feel or look better, I am on freakin' board, man. And I also like to try skin products multiple times before I give them my glowing endorsement. (See what I did there? I'm the worst.) PureCeuticals sent me some products to try a while back, and I feel totally and unabashedly in love (Can you tell I've been reading classics?)  with this Pumpkin Peel. I've used it probably four times, and it is awesome. It not only makes you feel like you rubbed Fall all over your damn face, but it makes my mug feel supa dupa soft. You only use it once a week, so although the price isn't cheap, it should last your ass a while. And all of the PureCeuticals products are free from:
  • No Parabens
  • No Sulphates
  • Products not tested on animals
  • No Petrochemicals
  • Fragrance composed with 100% essential oils
  • Environmentally Conscience
I love the tingle it gives me (my face, sicko), but if you have very sensitive skin, you might need to pass on this lil' baby. But oily, dry, norms, whatever peeps -- peel on, yo'! I just had a baby sample, so I'm about one more peel away from feeling like this:

Until I buy the big daddy...Then my face will once again have purpose.

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