Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Out Your Pen and Paper -- Your Holiday Wish List Will Start Here.

You. Guys. There are collectable Jem and the Holograms dolls coming out! And look how badass they are. (Except for the fact that Jem is being assaulted by the doll stand. Yikes.) But besides that...

via mrhankey
And the Jem dolls don't stop there. You can also get boring ass Jerrica.

Or for the dude in your life, Rio. (Who is wearing pantent leather boat shoes.)

You can also get Synergy or "Classic" Jem (AKA pink pleather dress) if that's more your bag. If you are a rich b, you can see where to buy this mess here. By the way, these hoes are $125 each, so you might have to sell your vintage collection of The Babysitters Club to afford this. WWCD? (What would Claudia do? That was my b.)

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