Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Time for a Big Ol' Britney Spears Wedding, Y'all!

So by now we all know that my little Brit Brit just got engaged to her boyfriend, Jason Trawick. I'm so excited! I feel like Sam Merlotte's twin is a good influence on her, and she seems like she's really getting her sh*t together. In honor of her upcoming nuptials, I have decided to throw a sister a bone and help her start on her wedding planning.

As you know, Britney is a little bit country so I though she might want to sport something that reflects that on her big day. Here are my selections.

Yee haw, right? Well maybe she wants to tone it down a notch, since it is TECHNICALLY her third marriage. So maybe something a little more mature and demure would be more appropriate. No worries, I have that angle covered as well!

I mean the last one even has gloves! Just like when she married K Fed! Speaking of that wedding, maybe Britney wants something a little more like she wore for her reception last time, which was a little more...Like this:

That's miiiightly close to hoo-ha ville. Don't worry, Brit! I have some more 'revealing' dresses picked for you, too.

Too bad this one is already taken. Such understated elegance! Don't worry, I found some other winners.

Surely we have a winner here! One of them even looks like that bedazzled bodysuit homegirl wore back in the day.

I also found a couple more finishing details for Britney's wedding. We know she loves her Starbuck's frapps, so how perfect is this?

Done! How about wedding photos? Brit Brit loves Cheetos, so I found a way to incorporate that.

Perfect! All the hard work is done, y'all! You are welcome, Britney. You are welcome. Pin It


  1. AHHHH OMG!!! I found out via THIS BLOG that Brit-Brit is ENGAGED!!!!! Can we have a southern style get-together for this momentous occasion???

  2. What??? You didn't know? I'll bring the Cheeto-covered chicken!