Friday, April 12, 2013

GUUUUUURL of the Day: Brenda Walsh in a Photographic History, 'Cause It's That B's Birthday.

You guys, I love Shannen Doherty's ass. (Figuratively, not literally.) And today is mah boo's birthday, so I've collected some amazing pictures of that crazy ass through the years -- or the 90's. Whatever.

jorts for effing daysssssss
well this sh*t is just massively uncomfortable...
even a bunk ass perm can't stop the FACE
...and kelly's a slut b*tch, duh.
badass 4 lyfe
that's right, dylan, oooo you can get it.
ha. and a sh*tload of this. wynonna judd meets alyssa milano in fear.
who DOESN'T want to slap the ever-loving blah out of andrea zuckerman???
and just because -- what are you, wilford brimley? get your sh*t together, andrea.
Happy Birthday, Brenda (Shannen). You're forever my GUUUUUURL.

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