Friday, November 23, 2012

ANNNNND My Hair Transformation C'est Fini. (I'm Fancy and French.)

So, I got brave(ish) on T-gives and dyed my own hair. See the reveal after the jump and how I effed up...And ended up in Walmart at the start of Black Friday with all of the crazies.

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So here's my final current hair, in the sun and then in sh*tty lighting and without my hair weave. I am pretty happy with the burgundy-ish hue that I ended up with. It's not a bright/light as I would like to have in an ideal world, but let me get real with your ass. I don't have any money right now, so my "getting my hair done professionally every three weeks" budget ish is completely out the window. So I got as drastic as I could with on sale, boxed hair dye. And as expected with most home hair dye, I kind of effed it up the first time.
I started out buying two boxes of Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in R2 (Medium Intense Auburn). I am always borderline short on dye if I just buy one box for my hair, and I also wanted to dye some of my clip in extensions. So I used one box (there was just enough) and waited the designated 25 minutes. When I washed out my hair I could tell right away I had some crazy happenin' on my helmet. The ends looked nice -- a darkish burgundy (which I expected, because I had dark brown dye on most of my hair) with some more vibrant pieces where I used to have ombre highlights.

BUT MY ROOTS. They were a vibrant (very pretty) red that did not match the rest o' my mop, even a little. You see I am naturally a dark blonde/light brown head, and that ish don't jive with the dark brown dye so well, ya' heard? Which left me to trekking my lazy ass to Walmart JUST AS THE BLACK FRIDAY ULTIMATE CRAZY CRAZES GOT THERE. To buy mutha effin' hair dye -- like a b. But I couldn't just let my hot mess of a hair ride. That would be much too sensible, and that ain't me, babe.

So I ended up with this Garnier Nutrisse Black Cherry (Deep Burgundy) and used that mess on like the 2" Insane Clown Posse roots I had going on. Lawd, what messes I always insert myself (heh) into. So here I am, an (almost) ginger! Now I have to deal with the dreaded red fade that I have heard so much about. Like that ish is worse than the Bubonic Plague, or something.

So reddies, what do I need to do to keep my lid looking bright and right? Lay some tips on me!

One step closer to becoming Ariel. Muahahaha. (I'm much more of an Ursula the Sea Witch.)

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